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In this section learners recount some of their broader experiences in education, as children and as adults. The stories are of diverse experiences in a range of settings, from home schooling in traditional Aboriginal ways to journeys through western education.  The stories tell of hope and of frustration, but throughout them all there is a sense of the importance of education as the means for improving the lives and livelihoods of Indigenous Australians.

  • What the learners say


DonDon is a qualified mechanic. He has worked in this role for over 30 years in an Indigenous community.

Don talks about his learning journey


HeleanaHeleana is a trainee teacher and is enrolled in a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning. She previously worked in the areas of land management and eco-cultural tourism. She has completed the Certificates II and III in Spoken and Written English and is completing her final units in a tertiary preparation course concurrently with her teaching studies.

Heleana talks about making something of yourself and jealousy

Heleana talks about education and the threat of change


AngeleeAngelee is a work-based apprentice. She is currently enrolled in Certificate III in Business and is working in an office environment.

Angelee talks about early education home schooling


MatthewMatthew is a work-based apprentice in the library at a regional university. He is currently enrolled in Certificate III in Library/Information Services.

Matthew talks about his experiences


JoelVictor is a ranger supervisor in an Indigenous community. He has previously completed Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management.

Victor's early learning journey


JoelIvan is a ranger in an Indigenous community. He is currently enrolled in Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management.

Ivan's early learning story


MaritaNardene is the current Vice-Chancellors Indigenous Career Cadet at Charles Darwin University. She is studying a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in marketing. She previously completed a Certificate IV in Marketing and a Certificate IV in Community Services.

Nardene talks about her schooling and work before beginning VET