Ivan's early learning story (2:05)

The Balanda skills for learning at school like, you know, I was living in the bush before, in an outstation.  So my – my family, we living in a bush and we went to  - back in Oenpelli.  And yeah, we find a school there.  So tell me my – my parents told me, “Oh, we’re going to put you to school to work.  I mean, they’re going to help you for - get education.” 

And how did you find that experience of going to school?  When you first went, did you like it, did you hate it, did you – what – how did you feel? 

Yeah, I mean I was feeling, you know, it was really crook, but -

Why was it really crook? 

I mean – I mean, you know, especially kids, you know, when I – when I was a kid, you know,  I mean, you know, kids, when you’re kids, you know, you got to be – I mean they – I mean like, you know, like when I was going school and something, you know, I didn’t focus much.  Just, you know, I mean like – I mean I was learning little bit, little bit, but I didn’t get further much.