Acquiring the skills and knowledge to use digital technologies allows people ‘to take a full and active part in social, cultural, economic, civic and intellectual life now and in the future’ (Hague & Payton, 2010). The video and audio transcripts in this section illustrate how digital technologies are being used by learners and trainers to that effect: to enhance communication, to provide access information, goods and services, and in the co-creation of resources. While digital technologies can inspire and enhance learning, one learner ‘s story reflects on the potential for digital communication tools to be used inappropriately.

Hague, C., & Payton, S. (2010), Digital literacy across the curriculum: a Futurelab handbook
Traxler, J. (2007), ‘Flux within change’. Proceedings of the mLearn conference, Melbourne 2007, University of Melbourne, Melbourne.
As society adopts new technologies, these shape both society and its intimately connected components such as education (Traxler 2007:270).

  • What the learners say
  • What the trainers say


VeraVera is employed in the nursery in an Indigenous community. On the job training is provided by the workplace supervisor.

Vera talks about computers


LeisaLeisa is employed in the nursery in an Indigenous community. On the job training is provided by the workplace supervisor.

Leisa talks about computers


HeleanaHeleana is a trainee teacher and is enrolled in a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning. She previously worked in the areas of land management and eco-cultural tourism. She has completed the Certificates II and III in Spoken and Written English and is completing her final units in a tertiary preparation course concurrently with her teaching studies.

Heleana talks about technology and jealousy



Michael is a VET lecturer in Conservation & Land Management. He has extensive experience working with and training Indigenous rangers.

Michael talks about how he started using video in training

Michael talks about the process of creating video

Michael talks about using video in training and assessment


CyrilCyril works for the health board in an Indigenous community. One of his roles involves the coordination of work based training for staff.

Cyril talks about technology




Strategies for trainers:

Incorporate opportunities for learners to use digital technologies in training

Involve learners in the co-creation of digital resources

Provide learners with copies of digital resources for their own use

Share learner created resources (with permission) with others

Link the use of technology in learning to real world situations and applications

Access help and support for yourself and for learners to use digital technologies if required

Use technologies that are accessible and affordable

Be explicit about the dos and don’ts of online and digital communication