Cyril talks about technology (1:22)

I guess, especially in this day and age with technology, using IT is the best way, you know. There’s heaps of programs that are going these days now. I mean, there’s a lot tools that can be used to complement your training, your training material. And I think that we should be, you know, incorporating that as well. And Information Technology these days is something that can go across all age groups. Even, you know, the elders are very much interested in seeing this new and beaut, you know, toy for what for a better word. And the kids obviously they’re growing up with it these days. We’re coming up to generations that didn’t know anything else but key cards and yet key cards have been – have only been with us for the last say 20, 25 years. Yet we’re having a generation that didn’t know life – anything without them.


So they can’t remember what it was like before then. So IT these days has the capacity to go across all levels as well so using those tools, I guess, and incorporating them into your training is also another, I don’t know, incentive or another way of keeping people interested.