Michael talks about using video in training and assessment (2:41)

So when you go through and you read, sort of like the elements of a training package, it can be really hard to fit into these guys, so yeah so basically I try to use the DVDs or the video footage to show that you’ve actually met the elements in the training package because otherwise it’s – it can be really hard to try and meld what you need to do you know to the standards and get the guys up to that. So video footage is good because they can actually show it in a practical way. So yeah, so the video footage is good.

The other thing with video footage, we went out just before Christmas last year and to the Tiwi Islands. Now the Tiwi Island guys they’re doing this like an apprenticeship through CDU and we done a small boat handling course. We actually taught – we taught them how to service an outboard motor but we filmed every last bit of it. Okay, so everything is filmed, so we left that footage behind. So they might not service the motor for another six months and in six months’ time, they may well have forgotten what we’ve taught them. But with that DVD, if they’ve forgotten what we’ve taught them, they can just put it in their DVD player, choong, and watch themselves servicing that motor so in a way, they’re actually teaching themselves – they’re giving themselves a refresher. The other good part of it is too, if they get some new rangers into the group, like they don’t particularly need me or anyone else to come over, they’ve got that DVD there and they can watch – the new rangers can watch the older rangers doing that job and the older guys that were there, they used to do the training, can explain to them this is how we do it. So when you get a person, whether it’s me or someone else come out to deliver that unit, these guys have got a heads up on you, because the other guys have already taught them. You go out there, they can basically do it, you just run through it all with them, so you actually are more or less doing a workplace assessment rather than a – because you’ve got the other rangers with the technology and the learning resource you’ve left behind – that’s – they teach themselves and really if you could do it well enough, which I hope we can this year, you could leave a complete video library of virtually every unit you’ve taught out there and when they get trainees in or whatever, they could sit down and they could watch all those DVDs any time, so then when you get out there to train them, these guys already know what you’re talking about. They already know what you’re trying to do. All the other rangers in the group, it’s not just you teaching them, you’re like a collective group that’s actually teaching them, which is what my aim was, to do with the DVD's.