Heleana talks about technology and jealousy (1:51)

They’ve let outside influences come in. They’ve gone to technology. There’s all different ways of learning and we’re supposed to be learning two way and also there’s a third one that we’re all forgetting, which is technology and they’ve taken up technology and learning from technology yet they’re not getting anywhere with it.  It’s causing frictions as well. 

What’s – when you say technology, what do you mean?

Mobile phones, computers.

So in themselves, they’re not a bad thing, they’re about communicating.


So what are the problems?

Communicating, but not understanding how to use it and how to communicate the right way.  They’re abusing the system, sending it messages, the same jealousy messages verbally that we get around us.  They go onto technology and are doing it on technology.  The jealousy part, the verbal abuse on internet, I reckon it’s based on themself,  jealous of the partners or friend, family member that want to make something out of themself and for the community.  And I see it, you know, it’s about themself, a shame job that they don’t know how to read and write, ashamed that they don’t want to be around other people but themselves and family and their partners; not understanding what’s the whole world of the future ahead of them and trying to tell them that, “You’ve got to do this for yourself.  Somebody else can’t do it for you.”