Angelee talks about early education home schooling (0:48)

Well the place where we lived was remote.  There was no schools there so my mother and sometimes my father, they home schooled us.  We’d have like school sessions during the day until 12, like she’d get books ready with maths work and we just got to sit down and... It was pretty good because she used to – because when I was younger she used to do all our colourful balls to help us like divide and that type of thing.  So she had books full of those and she had mountains of books, especially pictures.  A lot of books I see now that they’re sold.  But yeah she, we’d have, she’d start at 8 and she still let us go through ‘til 12 and then after that we were allowed to play.  Pretty much did reading, writing and the books that – we did writing and she used to do lines when we was learning how to write and she used to teach us running writing and stuff like that.  And when we went like on weekends and stuff, we used to go camping a lot and she used to – when we used to sit and fish, she used to make us write our names in the sand and like I said, count fish, how many fish we caught.  So yeah, that was pretty much school.  Yeah, she helped a lot.  She helped and then when it was time to actually go into school, she prepared us but like I just found the environment different in the schooling and stuff.