Heleana talks about education and the threat of change (2.47)

I wouldn’t know where to start.  It’s the same, you know, same system that you’re coming from an outside world  coming into our world, you know, that’s been here for 40,000 years, 50,000 years.  And we’ve still got the old system and we’ve still got it here, practicing it but the young ones are not taking it all in. They are not respecting what most important is our culture, for us to understand bringing the outside world in and how to balance it out, can only give a limited volume of education both sides and then work in together slowly.  I reckon, just take it step by step, building a bridge, putting the two bridges together first and then walk over it.

Okay.  Anything else or should we finish there?

When we stop I might think of something else. It’s okay.


The jealousy part, the verbal abuse on internet, I reckon it’s based on themself, jealous of their partners or friend, family member that want to make something out of themself and for the community.  And I said you know it’s about themself, the shame job that they don’t know how to read and write.  Shame that they don’t want to be around other people but themselves and family and their partners, not understanding about what’s the whole world with the future ahead of them and try and tell them that, “You’ve got to do this for yourself.  Somebody else can’t do it for you.”

So you’re saying people feel threatened?

Threatened by the changes and changing themself to be better and also stress with the Balanda way, they see stress, like understanding how to cope and the organised plan, planning Balanda way our way is ... when we organise something, it’s all based on the moon the weather.  With Balanda, the same thing, but it’s a different system, as Balanda way it’s on paper on calendar.  Yeah, that’s what I think.  It’s – that’s what is threatening them, changing.