Heleana talks about making something of yourself and jealousy (2.37)

Well as I said in the beginning, like we all now live in a community in the cities and it feel like we haven’t learned anything. There is comments when somebody do – when they make something out of themself, and want to see leadership back in the communities and all that, and then in our tribes as well. It’s – it’s frustrating that you get racism, thinking that they’re better than you but I understand and try and understand what they’re feeling. You know, I’m not here for myself. I’m here for everybody. If they want to live in like a non-Indigenous way, we’ve got to learn to live together, we’ve got to learn to educate each other. And the jealousy you need to stop, but the jealousy really comes from because they don’t understand.

Whose jealousy towards who and about what?

Someone that wants to educate themself, want to be a leader, wants to show someone that they can do it. It’s not only about me and you, that’s for everybody, it’s for the children. It’s – yeah it’s sad in a way because outside influence come in, yet they’ll like to learn outside influence, which is technology, and all these years that we’ve been fighting and arguing about two-way learning, I see it, it’s there but it’s forgotten in one hand and we’re struggling, and we can’t understand why. I’m trying to understand why, what happened, where did we go wrong? And the jealousy part is just – you know, you’re trying to make yourself a leader for a community and a tribe and they get jealous because, you know, you’re doing something for everybody and I see it as, you know,  we need to all join in together and the jealousy part – I don’t think they’re motivated to do it. I don’t think they’ve got – self-conscious of bringing them down.