Michael talks about using industry experts (2:06)

A lot of people - a lot of teachers say, “I don’t have these skills. I don’t have these technology skills.”   How does that work for you?

That’s a tough one, and I think in the land management package, and don’t quote me, I think there’s 300 and something different units.


So there’s a lot of times that I don’t have the skills, okay? There’s a Ranger group that will be starting this year, down at Fish River, and it’s starting fresh. There’s only going to be eight rangers so what I’ve suggested to their Coordinator is like don’t rely on some person like me to come and teach the boys everything. What you need to do – he’s got to get a fencing contractor in to put a fence around the property. Okay, so when the fencing contractor is there, get your boys to work with the fencing contractor. Get me to come out and do workplace assessments on their work. Alright? So basically what I’m saying is use industry experts.

With all the stuff with the guys at Laynhapuy I've gone through NRETAS so for all of our recognised animal units, our fauna surveys, recognised plants, I’ve used NRETAS scientists. So we go out and rather than sit in the classroom and me sort of like show people an Elliott trap and a cage trap and try to explain how it works, we actually go out for two weeks and we do a proper fauna survey. And the guys are actually getting knowledge from people, industry experts. So if you’re going to go and do a chain saw course, right, now I can teach chain saws, but I don’t do it every day, you know, but if there’s a guy in town that has to knock some trees down, let’s get him to teach the guys how to cut the trees.  So use industry experts. Do you know what I mean? So if you’re a school teacher and you don’t have the skills with technology, bring someone in that does, and you’ll pick it up too so you’re not only educating your ranger group, you’re actually educating yourself, do you know what I mean, as you go. So bring people in. Don’t be scared to say, “Jeez, I’m not too sure how to do this”, because a lot of people don’t like to say, “I can’t do it.” But just put your hand up – you can’t know everything, you know what I mean.