John Ross talks about pathways into employment (2:08)

I decided when I turned 18, I decided not to go back to do further schooling and I stayed back on the Island and did VET for a year and a couple of weeks in that year we used to go out to barra farm and do lots of different work over there.

Tell me – tell me about the kind of training you did at the barra farm?

Oh like changing the nets every couple of months and actually sewing the nets, and counting how many fish were dead and were growing.

What else – what other things did you do?  You were just telling me about the dead fish.

Oh yeah, we cut up some dead fish and actually have a look on the microscope, and yeah it was really good experience you know and like we never used to do them kinds of stuff.

Where, at school?

Yeah at school, yeah.

So you liked the practical work you were doing in the VET course?


Okay.  And what happened from the skills that you learned?  Were you able to use them in the workforce?

Like, it helped me a lot because – helped me a lot to get a job and that’s where that pathway was leading me to the real job.