Joel talks about work and training (1:22)

I never – never would have thought it to be important.  I never – I mean, apart from when I was a chef and going to class sort of one day a week, I mean which is – which is what I do here.  I – I never really looked at is as – as a viable option like, oh, study and work, like always seemed like two, you know, so much going on.  But I have to say this has been the best idea that I’ve fallen into in a long time.  The – the fact that I’ve got class, and then I go from class and come to work, I can (a), integrate the ideas that I’ve learnt in class into my workplace; and (b), I can query my supervisors on questions about class if – if, you know, if I feel that my supervisor was too – sorry, the lecturer was too busy, or might not have had the answer, or – or if the question itself was directly related to the workplace.  So it’s – it’s just really handy to be in one.