Jacinta talks about the benefits of combining work and study (1:20)

The good things is learning how to do in the classroom and how to teach the kids, students in the classroom and I think it was helpful for me because I knew exactly what I was doing, like in the classroom with the teacher. Because most of the time I – after I was doing my IEW course, at the end of the day, the next day I got back in that classroom and do those things after, by learning, by IEW. And whenever  I got back in the classroom, I help – shared my, you know, my study, like things I did in IEW, shared with my team teacher and sort of like, you know, I give my idea like this one learning and like photocopy some things, bring some stuff from IEW and tried to – tried to –

Implement it?

Yeah, implement it to those students.