Don talks about practical training & taking small steps (1:28)

That’s it.  You know when you’re doing – doing the course, you don’t do it all in once, you have to do it step by step and get used to it and get handle over it and – and feel like – you will feel like what you heading – heading towards what you doing, just like me and – me and Roger.  First when we were going, screws and bolts, and after we got a hang of it and got – got used to it and went to brake shoes.  Then after we went to – went to pull the gearbox out, went to pull him apart and put – put it back.  We start at eight o’clock, start pulling all the gearbox out.  And smoko, we had smoko, and after smoko we took the gearbox back again.  And the teacher used to come and check.  That’s what – that’s what is boys – all boys will – you know, boys. We would like them to do just like what we done, me and Roger.  And I think it’s – I don’t think that it is very important, [unintelligible]. You know, then they can teach their own son and so on and so on.  It goes on, yeah.