Debbie talks about hands on training (1:12)

So, basically, they don't know anything about sewing machines, it's actually sitting down and running through, just very simply, how a sewing machine works, just the basics, you know, threading the bobbin, threading the needle, tension and all that sort of – stitching. And just explaining – practising on just scrap bits of fabric so that they just get an idea before they actually start of the fabric, the skirts or whatever. And then, when they're sort of more comfortable with that, then I'll start with something relatively big, like a cushion cover, which is what I'm cutting out at the moment. It's just straight sewing basically, there's no zips, it's just straight sewing and a bit of over locking. And once they – they feel comfortable with that, now, we’ll then progress to something else. But in the process of actually showing them actually how to make a cushion cover, I sit down, I'll make one, they'll sit beside me and make theirs and we just – I just work between the one I'm making and showing them how to do theirs. And it just goes very slowly, step by step.