Barry talks about adult education versus training (1:36)

Since I’ve started with Batchelor, which is only a five month period, I feel the whole sense of what should be happening here is about adult education, not about training because there is no continual training that’s ever going to survive here; it’s a small community with small needs.  Unless they start realising they can get educated and evolve into needs that they what to have happen here so...  Things like community businesses that help people develop some sort of – I don’t know, some sort of good outcome for the community such as – I don’t know, a maintenance business that operates here so when people have problems with a TV, there’s somewhere to take it and people try and fix it and that should be community grown.  The amount of stuff that I experience in this place that gets thrown out because it’s no longer operating properly and people just throw it away rather than trying to think let’s take it to a repair place and see if we can get it repaired.  That’s just one of the ideas.  But there’s a whole raft of small business opportunities that could evolve out of this community if someone would start working in that direction, rather than as you pointed out, this training option that is the training option that the particular employee group wants to bring into the community.  It’s an outside training coming in rather than an inside training finding its own pathway.