Barry talks about some of the dilemmas of industry related training in Indigenous communities (0:59)

Training for training sake rather than the needs of who want it.  But the needs isn’t the right match either because – sorry, the needs is the right match but you’ve got to actually look at it the right way.  To me if there’s an employment area in Wadeye, it certainly is with the building of houses, because that’s the main probably industry that’s happening here.  But most of those workers don’t want to be labourers outside or working in a building program and for me I’m thinking about well – I mean this building program was only happening now because politically it’s happening now and the government has finally got something happening with the growth of new houses but that’s not going to last very long.  That’ll stop as soon as they feel they’ve reached a quota or a target and therefore that whole industry employment area just runs out anyway.  I think the better process is to educate people to be educated.