Antonio talks about gaining skills and confidence from participating in a work placement (1:51)

Yeah one thing I liked about sport and rec, we went to this one community called Fifteen Mile which is out of Palmerston, yeah we went there and run a footy clinic with the kids and the Principal told me that she would like to – she would like us to come back and do it again, so she organised that and then Rick Hall, which is the trainer, came over and yeah, went and picked us up and yeah, run the footy clinic. 

So how did you feel about that experience?

Yeah, I felt – I felt happy like, more than happy because I was sort of like working and you know – wanted to get away from school because we had a lot of stuff to do.  I mean didn’t want to get away from school but you know to have time out or something like that.  But it was great, you know like for my experience that I’ve learned how to run a footy clinic and the kids liked it.

After I left school, my first job was at sport and rec. I wanted to work as a sport and rec officer because of the experience I’ve had doing sport and rec at school. I wanted to show my skills of running a footy clinic on the community.