Victor talks about shame in the classroom (1:40)

You were talking about some of the things that would help you with learning and you talked about in the classroom sometimes it’s – if there are mixed levels, it’s shameful, you don’t want to speak out and it’s hard to learn. Do you want to talk a little bit about that, and you can’t tell the truth about yourself in the class if there are people higher and lower.

Yeah. I think different levels, sometimes you can’t tell the truth, your personal side and shame I reckon. And you want to see a different level. I think really good, I could see it myself, one at a times, teachings and learning I reckon. Have a trainer, grab one at a time I reckon.

Okay. And spend individual time with each person?


Why is that so important?

With myself, one by one, if training – if a trainer get me and then put me in the class, I can be relaxing and telling the truth in a personal way, that’s the way I can see it. And then yeah, I think big shame jobs if you tell the truth in all different levels.

So in front of other people?

In front of other people.