Nardene talks the importance of accessing support from trainers, tutors and the Indigenous Academic Support Unit (2:18)

And what sort of support did they [trainers] provide you with when you went to see them?  Like what sort of things did you ask them for support with and how did they help you?

They told me like, that there was tutors available through the Indigenous Academic Unit where if I needed extra assistance, like, because being, like coming to the classroom for the first time and not doing assignments for a rather long time, yeah, so they said like yeah, that the Indigenous Academic Support Unit was available. And if I needed any – like they could look over my work. Like if I had like a draft of my work, yeah I could take it to them and they would just give me like pointers like ‘Oh, this needs to be fixed this way’.

But yeah, I think you have to get over the like shame aspect first because the trainer, yeah, he’s trying to – he’s got a lot of people to teach. And like I felt like, yeah, when I was like sitting in the back corner and stuff I wasn’t getting help but once I took the init – like initiated contact with my trainer after class, that yeah, that really helped because they provided me, like, with support to do my study, yeah, so I got access.  And then I went and seen the Indigenous Academic Support ladies and then they set me up with a tutor, yeah, like yeah, a wonderful tutor at the time because she was doing a Bachelor of Psychology, she was doing her Honours, so she like taught me how to reference and sentence structure so I sort of got that before I went to Higher Ed so when I went to Higher Ed, I didn’t struggle as much. Yeah so doing my Cert IV in Community Service and Marketing has sort of set me on my path now.