Nardene talks about the support of her trainers (1:43)

They would say like if you need help or my office is in this building, just come over and we can have a talk and I can explain it to you if you don’t understand. But it yeah wasn’t just to me but it was to all the students.  They had like an open like arms policy like to say that yeah, you’re welcome to come to me anytime, so that was like more important and then, of course, I used to go to them a lot for support.  Yeah, I think that helped me get to where I am now.

Now you’re talking about the relationship with the trainers...

Trainers, yeah. 

...was really important. 


So what sort of support did they give to you, like I mean you had to take that first step then...


... to go to their office. 


Was that hard?

Yeah, yeah, that was a bit intimidating, yeah, but like I thought, yeah, I’d just go to their office and I’d just ask them, you know, like politely, ‘Is it okay if I see you now or do you want me to make an appointment?’  And they were like, ‘No, come in.  Yeah, we can help you. Come sit down.’  Yeah, my lecturer was like, ‘You want a coffee?’ Yeah, yeah so it was like real like friendly, like yeah, they didn’t treat me like they were the lecturer and they’re the hierarchy and I was just the student.  Yeah, it was like – yeah, it was – they were on the same level as me in one way, yeah, just helping me to learn better.