Nardene talks about the support structures for Indigenous students within the university (1:13)

I think yeah the academic – the yeah Indigenous Academic Support Unit, they’ve helped me also through Cert IV to transition through Higher Ed because they’ve helped me get good tutors and they’ve, even if you find something that you’re not comfortable with when you’re transitioning or even when you’re studying, you can just go to them and say, ‘I have a problem with this’ and ‘I don’t know how to handle it.  Can you give me some advice?’  Yeah, so they’re really good too. They’re like an external support outside of your study, even though they’re still within the university, they provide you with yeah support like if you’ve got some shame still and you don’t feel confident, you can go to – or ‘I don’t feel comfortable in doing this.  Can you give me some tactics or whatever to overcome that?’  Yeah, they’ve helped me a lot, yeah, from transitioning from my Cert IV into my Higher Ed.