Nardene talks about developing confidence in VET and the transition into Higher Education (1:05)

I’m pretty confident now.  Yeah, I don’t get like shame any more when I participate in my lectures or tutorials and yeah, I feel confident in going to my, yeah, lecturers and asking them a question and, yeah, they’re like open also. But I think I’m more confident now and I’ve achieved like yeah pretty good grades, yeah, at the moment yeah, so I think, yeah, I’m on a more confident level thanks to being helped like from Cert IV into Higher Ed. Yeah so the transition like was really good and once when I was in my first year, I could still go back and see my VET lecturer for assistance and he was happy to assist me. So I felt like I still, going into my first year of Higher Ed, I still went back to my VET lecturer, yeah like as a stepping-stone.