Marita talks about feelings in the training room (1:12)

The first thing that I felt when I went in the classroom, I was like shame and I saw like so many people sitting down the chair and like staring at me and then I went in – I went in. When I sat down and like people like staring at me and I was like shaming, with my head down. Some student like, like do that.

So what would have made you feel more comfortable that first time you came in?  What could the lecturer have done to make you feel more comfortable?

When I first went in – what I found first, I was like so shame of myself like those people were like staring at me and like – like I didn’t look at them like I was just walking and I sat on my seat, the chair, and then our lecturer, he introduced – she introduced me and my cousin. She said, “That’s Rona, that’s Marita”.  And I said “Hi”.