Marita talks about support for a young mother to study at school (2:27)

Also when like since I was like 15 year old and then I had my little girl and like some girls they were like jealousing me and like – they’re saying, “You like you had – you’re too young”, and I said, “Well it’s not like your business.  It’s my business. It’s my life” I said. “If you’ve all got your our own life, like you don’t have to know about my life.” But I just wanted to be like friends with you mob.

Has it been hard studying when you have a small child?

Yeah, when I had my first baby, like – like I didn’t want to back to school but the Principal saw my skills about reading and writing and typing, about the computers and then she told my parents. Her name is Pam, she used to be Principal here at Maningrida, and she told, “I want your daughter back to school because she got – she got good English and...” They wanted me to go back to school, because like later on they saw me like, I was like – I was like smart and I was like more understand. I was like understand, I was understanding the English and like I was good at typing and ...

So how did you go back to school with a baby?

Well actually my parents told me, “Well, you have to go back to school and we’ll mind this baby.”

So they supported your education?

Yeah, they did. They supported me and then I went back to school and I did my Year 11 and then I did my – I completed my Year 12 and then I like – and same time minding the girl she was like grown up and like she was – when she was like 4 or so, and she was in the school too at the Pre School so we – me and her we went the same times school, like I dropped her to the school, Pre School, and I would go to Year 12.