Joel talks about peer support (1:34)

I mean, I don’t want to, like, I feel a little that I’m that support person for some people in my VET class at the moment.  And I think that’s great that I can honestly say that I know this girl was going to drop out unless I had sort of helped her.  And, you know, I’ve – I’ve been helping her over the last few months and things so – which doesn’t bother me, to me it’s great that she’s going to stick with it and she’s – you know, she’s got a family, she’s got her children and things and she’s going to better herself, you know?  And just because she was a bit shame job about asking a question, she nearly lost all that, because she didn’t feel comfortable asking certain people.  Yeah, I – I think it’s a shame that she came so close to – to leaving, but I think it’s great she’s here, and I feel proud that I can help in that sense, and I hope to one day see that maybe I don’t need to be that person, that – that the lecturers and things like that have – have changed – changed their ways a little and that – that people like this girl are more comfortable and more – more catered for.  But, I mean, friend – friendships as a whole, if – yeah, it’s hard being lonely, it really is.