Joel talks about support (3:17)

The – the three areas I’m involved in now with my work, with the Indigenous support, and with my VET business course, I’ve never been so wholly supported in my education, in my work, and in my life, in anything I’ve ever done.  There is so much support here that I’m experiencing that I’m – I’m blown away.  It’s – it’s like a second family.  You know, like the boss and I, we call each other uncle and, you know, nephew and bro and, you know, like I – my – my bosses that are female, I look at them in the same sense as my aunties, you know, and bring them coffee and – and you look after them like that.  And because – and I do that because that’s how they treat me, like I’ve – yeah, I don’t feel in any way separated.  I don’t feel in any way different.  From day one I walked into here and I fitted – I fit in.  It’s the most amazing experience I – I’ve come across, to be so accepted and so comfortable.  And I think it’s a lot to do with the knowledge that I have, okay, the Indigenous support there.  If I, like as soon as I started my – my VET course, I thought, “Oh no, I might need a tutor” and, you know, “Who do I ask?”  And Indigenous Support was there.  Made one phone call and everything was sorted out.  You know, talk to – talk to aunty over there and – and – and – yeah, it was just like ringing aunty, you know, from your family and – and having a yarn with her.  “I’ll sort it out”, and – and – and it’s fixed, you know, and it gets sorted. And knowing that you have that support there just gives you that confidence.  And it’s like my lecturer, I wasn’t sure how she was going to be, if she was going to be, you know, sort of either or either, but she is so approachable, she’s there for support, she – she’s always querying, “Where’s this person?  Where’s this person?”  She’s worried about their studies, she – she shows concern and care.  And she’s not like – she doesn’t speak down to you, which is a big thing, I think, because I hate being spoken down to because I feel like I’ve been spoken down to enough in my life, I don’t need a lecturer or a teacher or someone to speak down to me.  I know you’re smarter than me, I know you have this education, but you don’t need to force that upon me in that way.  So she – she’s great.