Heleana talks about study from a remote loaction (1:50)

Batchelor seemed like a place where you studied, but out here it was –


...kind of a different environment.  Can you just talk a little bit about that?

Well when I did go into Batchelor, I focused all on education and teaching myself, and it was an area, it was just – you had time. At that time I didn’t have work and didn’t have family there. Coming back home with a job and also work is busy.  Didn’t have time because the job that I’m in, during the dry season I have to, you know, concentrate on work.  It’s – it’s hard in a way doing it from out here.  If I did it from here, from the beginning, I don’t think I would have gone through with Batchelor this far. I would have found it really difficulties in areas and how to understand coming to, like a study centre, communicating with people on line, you know on phones, not knowing what they look like, with their – in Batchelor when I did go, I thought you know, start there, meeting everybody, understanding how it all work and having all the opportunity, like the library, the study centre there, your tutors and all that there, I thought, “ I need all the help I can get”.