Heleana talks about the importance of having Indigenous teachers & tutors (1:31)

You feel more comfortable when there’s an Aboriginal person there, got skills and can, you know, motivate us as well, seeing someone Indigenous helping us.

It’s like a role model.

Role model.  And also listening to us closely, what we talk about.  It’s always our culture that always comes first.  And understanding to bring two together and ... We all come in with all different feelings and different issues and ... It’s nice to walk into a classroom.  I remember someone thought that I was a lecturer.  And I’m like, “No, just a student in here.”  And I thought, no, give everybody help and then I thought I’ll go around and help everybody, then I felt it then and I understood it then that this is the answer, having an Indigenous person teaching and tutoring and helping each other out.  So I recommend, you know, more Indigenous people to do – do better for themself and help others.  That’s what I believe in.  That’s what my aim is, to be an educator and help.