Don talks about the importance of older people supporting the younger generation into education (1:03)

The young generation doesn’t realise what’s the – what’s the course for?  It’s a course, it’s very important for young generation today.  I go to talk to CDEP, employment service, or talk to us, and we’ll talk to people that give it. The young generation will work with the older people, just like me and Roger, we were working before them, and they can say “Can I do the course? All right, we – we talk to the people in the office, the one you work with, and fill out the forms.  If you want to be mechanic, just come and see us and we explain to you how me and Roger get through the course.”  It’s not real hard but, you know, can do course in step by step until you come get used to it or get a handle on it and we just carry it on.