Angelee talks about Indigenous support (1:42)

Kevin (Indigenous employment consultant) tries to get everybody together – the tutors and the supervisors and everybody and the apprentices. Yeah, he tries to get us together as much as possible. Kevin’s a really big support, yeah. He’s pretty – pretty much watches out for all of us, which I find is pretty good. He’s always growling us and telling us if we have problems just go straight to him, or Sarimah but they’re pretty good. I think Kevin would be one of my strengths being there, because yeah.

The Indigenous Support Group, like they’re pretty good. Certain people in their help out a lot and they are like someone for you to lean on when you need them. My supervisor is pretty good, she’s pretty understanding, which is good. But she’s very busy most of the time so yeah. I think there’s where the Indigenous support mob come in, which is pretty good. Sometimes they see us individually to see what’s wrong and they talk to us. They tell us if – which sort of makes you feel that you’re needed and they’re going to help you. They tell you to go and see them. We’re given numbers that we can call for like weekend if we need to talk about something on the weekend and who we can get a hold of, so I find that pretty good.