Angelee talks about benefits of a tutor (2:35)

I think students should be encouraged more to get tutors, because I was told the previous apprentices, some of them didn’t seek assistance with tutoring and some – their work went one way and their studying went the other, and the two didn’t – because they didn’t get help, like tutoring.

That’s another thing too, with my tutor, she – when I do do my work, sometimes I stray off what I’m talking about, like on the subject and when I show her my end results, she sort of just reminds me, “Oh you know, you’ve gone a bit too far this way.  You need to come back this way”, and then she’ll explain it.  And then I’ll say, “Ah!”, then I know where I went wrong and then I’ll just go over the whole thing again.  That type of thing too, I think, that’s why people should seek assistance if it’s there,  and I was told that assistance was there for the previous but they, the previous apprentices, and they didn’t seek it. 

My lecturer, she’s alright.  She explains things but – like she’ll explain things and she’ll give some notes that we take down.  She explains it in depth and it does – after a while like when I go home and stuff, it’s a lot to take in but my tutor helps cut that up, when I’m with her. When I first met my tutor, we just hit it off straight away and sort of thought – she’s the tutor for me.  Keep her at it and I don’t give it to anybody else.  So yeah.  Yeah, I think having a tutor here is a really good idea.

Doing the work on my own, it is sort of hard. I understand when I read the text and the work, I understand it a bit but I don’t know where to start.  It’s sort of hard.  And when I met my tutor, she just really helped a lot because she explained things and things that I got wrong, she explained it here and there.  She – when she explains things, I take notes, or sometimes I take notes. I usually try to memorise everything, which she feels I should take notes.  Yeah, she has really helped me a lot.  She’s – she’s somebody that I can go for like help and lean on, so yeah, she’s pretty good.