Nardene talks about the continued support from VET trainers during the transition into Higher Education (1:14)

My lecturers, yeah, there were like, yeah, really good and, yeah, now when I, like I do up my Resume I have them as some of my referees. So, yeah, they’ve been really supportive in that way too, where they provided me a referee and one of them yeah, was my referee for getting my cadetship. So that was really good.  So like not after, like they – he sort of provided support for me, like as I went into my Higher Ed.  Yeah, I even – because he was my Marketing lecturer and I had Marketing units when I went to Higher Ed, I’d go back to him, ‘Oh, have you got this book?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, here’   Yeah, so his support continued after I finished my Cert IV and yeah, I – and look for – especially like in my first year of my degree, I like look back to him and he was happy to provide that support. So I thought that was really good.