Marita has tips for a lecturer about developing relationships (1:10)

If there was a new lecturer starting, what would you tell them they would have to do or know or understand if they were going to be a good teacher or a good lecturer?

The first thing would be to introduce ourself and then like ask her like if she – if we ask her question, like our lecturer – like I would ask my lecturer like, like I was like introduce myself and I would say to her like...

So it’s about building a relationship?


Between the lecturer and the students?


And getting to know each other?


And why is that important?  Does it make you – like how does it make you feel if you get to know each other – like more comfortable in the classroom?

Yeah.  You feel – like I can feel myself like – like know each other, feeling myself like more comfortable, like you can know you – you can know your family like that.