Andree talks about building relationships (1:23)

I probably need to stress, I think, to – to anybody that’s going to do training work is the importance of – of building up a trusting relationship with the people, and – and that can take some time.  You know, that doesn’t happen in a week, that can take some months.  But that – I think that’s really important.  They have to feel comfortable with you, they have to – you have to listen to them and learn their life side of things and just build up a friendship and a trust with each other.  And I – I – I really think that’s one of the major – major issues that can also hinder people learning.  It’s – there’s a lot of people come in and they’re just there for a short time and they go again.  You know, they – whereas in housing there was a guy who came to do some work with the boys on solar maintenance and, you know, it – it was a course that went for six months and over that time he ended up building, you know, a friendship with the boys.  And – and – and the – you know, the success at the end of that course is shown through his ability to connect with the boys.  You know, be able to do things outside of that sort of teaching area as well.