Allen advises new VET lecturers to make their own judgement about people and how to deal with people (1:18)

What would I say to a VET lecturer coming out to deliver a music course for the first time in Wadeye?

Somebody who hasn’t worked with Indigenous students before, maybe hasn’t been out to community before.  What sort of things do they ...?

Well they’d have to be aware that well I’m coming out working in an Indigenous community for the first time...

Yeah. they’d have to have made a conscious decision that they wanted to do that.


Right?  So I would just say that that person would be incredibly fortunate in that not many people get a chance to do that.  Don’t believe everything you read and – read in the papers and the statistical information you may get is not necessarily applicable in your role.  Right?  I think that you have to make your own judgment of how you deal with people.  You know sometimes it can be very confronting, you can be in situations that are really confronting and it’s tricky, you know it’s tricky to know how to deal with that.