Victor talks about literacy and numeracy (1:45)

Do you think that you had a strong education, both white fella and black fella way?

I think that's how I been wanna looking at have strong educate from Bininj (Indigenous) way and Balanda (non-Indigenous) way, but in Balanda way I hit big brick walls but I didn’t give up, keep doing it and I’m still doing it, still learning.

What was some of the issues that you had in Balanda learning?

I think just left read and writing things, not much.  And that’s what my problems. Every time I’m talking about my life, now that I’m reading and writing things.  Not enough in Balanda ways.

So how would the best way be to get that learning in literacy and numeracy and the reading and writing?

I think if keep doing the training, trainer come up here and show me start again like that?  Yeah.  I wanna say really shy and hiding secret for myself, about reading, writing things in Balanda skill.  Hiding's really bad, if you hide a secret from you, you can’t learn go forward.  If you speed em up right now, like this, you can make it in a way, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.  The learning is still there keep doing it.