Heleana - back to basics (1:17)

What happened that was good that worked for you?

Going back to basics with numeracy and literacy, reading children’s books, that is catching your attention and it bring back memories, starting from almost nothing and understanding it as you’re going along.

It didn’t feel like you were being babied?

No.  A lot of them did feel that they was babied, they thought they was back in you know primary school and all that but without them realising it, they was educating themself from a kid to an adult.  And it was the learning point when you first started.  It’s the same deal with us with our culture you start from when you’re young, teaching you and your levels of skills of learning to survive out in the bush is the same system but it’s different themes. 

There was a few that I remember.

Tell me about those few things that were good.

The questions – the answers that I wanted, were you know questions that answer my questions and that.