Fred talks about literacy (1:20)

Something that’s probably important, a lot of people don’t understand, that sometimes a partial qualification if they can’t get a full qualification, still means something.  So if they’re lacking in areas and you really can’t train them because of literacy, you might be able to defer them to somewhere else to build up their literacy and then they can come back and complete the course.  In my experience adult training on communities, I haven’t had a lot of problems with written work, they’re quite good and they have a lot of neat hand-writing. They are very scared of making a mistake or very shy. They tend to want to use pencil but I just don’t give them the option.  And I let them know that I’m not worried if they make a mistake and that I make mistakes too and that I just really want to know what they know, so there’s no right or wrong answers. It’s just knowing what they’ve done and then we’ll talk about it.   So – and try and build them up to the level that you want them to be at.