Elizabeth talks about literacy (1:34)

When you went to school, did you learn to read and write very well? 

Yeah, little bit, not much.

Okay, and so now, can you read?

No.  Little bit, not much.  You know, I want to learn so go school that so I can read and write, yeah.  I understand English, yeah, and I speak but, you know, I want to learn more read and write. 


That’s what I want to do.

So can you write things like your name?


What else can you write, just?

Just my name.

Okay.  That’s really interesting.  So for some of these instructions, for the sewing instructions, you’ve got the pictures, can you read these instructions?

Yeah, little bit.  Not much. 

Only a little bit.  But there are some of the words that you can’t read? 


Okay.  So that must make it a little bit hard then for –

What Debbie tells me to do.  I listen and what Debbie tells me. 


I understand.
So the best –

And I see what – what she do and I have to do it. 

Okay.  So, there are different ways of learning, and for you the watching and listening and then practicing yourself is the best way, yeah.