Don's advice to lecturers (1:00)

Well if a lecturer comes out and asks me, he says “Oh, would this be -what to do for these young fellas here, or young girls here, they’re all a group”.  And if he asks when I was there, “Oh well, I will just ask them, it’s up to them what they want to do, and after they will talk to me, and I will talk to you.  This – I know they afraid of you, to talk to you, or they’re shy, they will shy to talk to you.  They will talk to me, through language, then I will talk to you through your language.”  And that’s how it’s – that’s how I look at it. 

Okay.  So you’re saying that it’s – the lecturer needs to have a good relationship -

Yeah, that’s -

... with somebody in the community who can work with other people? 

Yeah, that’s right, yeah. 

Yeah.  And who can speak the language? 

Yes, yeah, that’s right.