Debbie talks about numeracy concepts (0:48)

As far as helping somebody understand about measurement, you know, centimetre measurements and seam allowances and that sort of thing, I’ve actually marked paddle pop sticks.  There’s one centimetre, two centimetre, three centimetre, four centimetre, and they use that as a guide.  So, I mean, that was something very simplistic, but it actually works.  And they – they have their paddle pop sticks there and they’ll go – and they’ll ask me, you know, “What seam allowance?”  I said, “Well it’s the four centimetre” or “It’s the one centimetre one” on your paddle pop stick.  You know, we just laugh about it.  But, yeah, they don’t actually have to get the tape measure out, it’s there and for a lot of these ladies they don’t necessarily understand what millimetres and centimetres and inches mean.