Cyril talks about the doing vs the writing (0:59)

You know for example if you had someone who is doing say personal care down there at the Aged Care Centre, they will know that you know it’s better to have that person bathed or washed or whatever for health reasons but when you’re actually doing that and writing that, writing that out, it’s two different things – the doing and the writing I suppose, alright, so once you – once you have that person’s I guess attention or anything, it will also – that’s going to determine how much information they’re going to take in. If you’re not making your – your training courses or your classes that little bit more interesting, then people would start to – you will lose people I guess, their concentration – you’ll just lose them and so that’s not – that’s not a  very really effective – won’t be an effective outcome anyway.  You certainly won’t get your outcome that you were after – that you were expecting.