Cyril talks about strategies for English language & literacy (0:58)

Yeah I guess there is always – you can’t get away from that, having that piece of paper or that written – but if you are going to leave say a pamphlet or a piece of paper behind for someone then one of the biggest things would be to blow the font up, make the lettering a little bit more larger and clearer and of course basic – when I say basic, I don’t mean two or three  – two word syllables or anything like that but just not using public service jargon, not using really large words so people will really have a hard time getting their tongue around and just yeah, make it as clear and basic as possible.  And possibly even follow up or have it close by with little – I don’t know, little figures or little, little – what do you call them?  Not drawings but little icons possibly.

Okay, or little illustrations.

Or little illustrations, yeah.