Barry talks about what can happen if training is conducted only in English (1:26)

I remembered a speaker coming into the school a couple years ago, who was an Aboriginal man who developed his own business and made good money out of it and was considered to be an entrepreneur and a good person to speak to the kids, to the older kids in the school. He came in and all he spoke was English. And of course as soon as you start speaking English and only English, there is only a certain amount of attention span that people that don’t speak English can actually attain to before they get bored or just lost because of the language differences. And he found that after his first session that he really couldn’t deliver what he wanted to tell them because it was all based on language training, or speaking and telling them about how good he had succeeded through business entrepreneurship, and it just didn’t work and it fell in a heap. But he came in and he was only here for a day, so he didn’t have any chance to be able to adapt, or change or help see how it would work in this community.

Great concept  for this community, people who can run their own businesses. But when its only being able to be expressed in English, and that was the only way he was going to deliver it or could deliver it, then it wasn’t going to work.