Joel talks about both ways learning (2:41)

Acknowledgement of Indigenous culture is a big one and, you know, there might only be one Indigenous student, but I think if there is only one Indigenous student he’s going to feel, or she’s going to feel, more separate because he or she’s the only one.  So if – if – if someone just has some acknowledgment.  And I mean, maybe they might feel shamed about that, so maybe it’s – it’s a one on one approach.  Have a chat with – with – with the student and – and see, make sure things are all right.  Because a lot of time the Indigenous student won’t speak up.  I – I just know from friends, and from youse, that we won’t speak up.  We – it’s just like – I mean, I’m a pretty vocal person, so I’ve always spoken up.  But I – I’ve just seen it so often that they just won’t speak up.  And it’s – and I work with youth and things and – and I know that I have to almost draw something out, and then it’s gold.  Do you know, it’s – they – they know I’m on the same level as them.  All of a sudden they’re – they’re out of their shell, you know, they feel comfortable, they – they know that you understand them and that you’re not going to judge them because they’re different, because they’ve always been judged different.  And, you know, yeah, it’s the acknowledgement, it’s the understanding, and I think if – if the lecturer or the teacher is just educated a little in – in Indigenous culture, learn a little about women’s business so that they may know what may be happening with some of the females if there’s an issue, learn a little about men’s business so they may know that this boy is – is 20, you know, and he’s going through business and things like that, so maybe, you know, give him a little leeway, or chat with him about how things are going, try draw – you know, learn.  Learn a little about what we’re doing so that you can teach us better.  Because if you don’t know about us it – it’s – it’s hard for you – it’s hard for us, also, to accept your ideals and ideas, and it’s hard for you to – to focus the ideas in the right direction for us.