Ivan talks about both ways learning (1:42)

I wanna focus in Bininj and Balanda, Balanda. So my kids, when they grow, you know, they’re going forward to look the future, the future. And for my kids, for the future, is to learn in Balanda and Bininj, yeah. So, yeah. So they can, you know, go to forward to look for the future, and look in, you know, maybe tourism, maybe for like culture stuff, even, what  I mean, lots of things, you know? Yeah. So I mean, it’s good to learn. Like when I was – when I was boy, you know, my old man, he taught me lots of things.

What sort of things did they teach you when they were growing up?

They taught me bush tucker, and lots of things - even spearing fish, hunting, skills. And yeah, lots of things.