Heleana talks about Western vs Indigenous approaches to education (1:38)

I haven’t been to high school.

How come?

Because where I lived, remote and I guess family I think, making sure that – and leadership and guiding me to have better future and I thought that it wasn’t going to be right for me then, wanted me to mature and have more understanding.


Of the outside world.  And be responsible and understand who’s around and ...

So is this they didn’t want you to go to high school because they wanted you to be more responsible at – in your, and learn more...

In my culture.


In my culture.  My uncle played a big role in my life. He showed me a lot and my aunties, showed me a lot about culture and country, how to survive and how to look after yourself out there and how to be responsible and look after others as well.  Survival – living off the land, the difference and when to harvest, right time of the year and I believe that – he believed that it was more important, which I believe was true. And then later on in life, in my mid-30s, then I thought it’s time for me to go educate myself.