Heleana talks about respecting culture (1:11)

Because each community are all different.  We all come from all different tribe. They all think that we’re all the same.  There’s salt water people and there’s stone country people.  I’ve got skills mainly from salt water country.  We go into the escarpment – who would know where to start? It’s the same, you know, same system, that you’re coming from an outside world coming into our world, you know, that’s been here for 40,000 years, 50,000 years. We’ve still got the old system and we’ve still got it here, practicing it.  But the young ones are not taking it all in. They’re not respecting what most important is our culture and for us to understand, bringing the outside world in and how to balance it out, can only give it a limited volume of education both sides, and then work in together slowly. I reckon, just take it step by step, building a bridge, putting the two bridges together first and then walk over it.