Barry talks about both ways learning (0:58)

I think they’ve got to be flexible in their own craft, so that they actually will learn things out of this community that they probably never realised they’d learn when they came here so yeah, it’s got to be a – well, talk about both ways of two ways or bicultural or whatever, it’s a case of if you come in here as an outsider and remain an outsider the total time you’re here, you won’t get much engagement.  If you come in here with this idea that there’s as much for you to learn when you come here as you teach when you come here, then you form very strong relationships I think with local people and particularly people that you work directly with with training and so forth, so... But there aren’t too many examples of that here.  That’s the real problem side is that outsiders come in here and they don’t have a magic formula for how to survive here so eventually they serve their time and say well look I’ve had enough here now, I need to escape again and go somewhere else.